Commercial Heater 12.5kW

The Harvia heater is a combination of 21st Century technology, superior craftsmanship, and age-old tradition. It is the heart of the Sauna and it is designed to give you endless hours of pure Sauna pleasure.

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SKU: K12.5G-U3

Stones not included; purchase separately.
This unit requires 3 boxes of Harvia Electric Heater Stones (SKU: AC3000).

Technical Information

Model Club
Output kW 12.5
Sauna room min. ft 494
Sauna room max. ft 742
Stone capacity max. lbs 130
Dimensions width: inches 19 7/8"
Dimensions height: inches 27 "
Dimensions depth: inches 17"
Weight in lbs 60
Supply voltage 3-phase 208V 3
Connecting cable wire 4
Breaker Size 60 Amp
Safety distance A to wall: in. 1 3/8"
Instruction Manual 

In the Harvia heater, special peridotite (granite like) stones fill the entire body cavity and are directly heated by stainless steel elements. The stones filter the 1400 F heat and emit a soft, pleasant aura of high heat rather than the harsh blast of unfiltered elements. The directly heated stones also produce the best steam when water is ladled over them, to raise the Sauna's humidity level. In addition, the stones retain heat, reducing on/off cycling of the heater for greatest efficiency and economy.