Sauna Etiquette for Public Saunas

The Top 12 Rules of Sauna

If you enjoy using the sauna after a good workout at the gym, you will need to know that certain rules apply when taking a sauna in public. Common courtesy is at the forefront of these rules and are to be followed for a pleasant sauna experience for all.

  • Rule #1– Get in and out quickly, don`t leave the door open to lose precious heat
  • Rule #2– Bring a towel to sit or lay down on- you will need another one to dry off with after your shower
  • Rule #3– Don`t use the sauna as a dryer unless it`s your own home sauna!
  • Rule #4– If you sauna at home, talk all you want, if you sauna publicly shut up or speak very softly…whispering would be better. Many people enjoy silence and go into a meditative, healing state in the sauna.
  • Rule #5– Don`t`wear a bathing suit, unless you want to get laughed at by the Finns! For them, it would be just as crazy to shower with a bathing suit on as to sauna with one. Go naked if acceptable at your gym or to be on the safe side, wear a towel. Your body will still be able to sweat freely and you won`t embarrass virgin eyes at the gym.
  • Rule #6– Be at your best behavior in the public sauna. Behave in a sauna as you would in church!
  • Rule #7- Don`t bring your electronics in the sauna. Your iphone, ipod or other devices do not belong in the wet schorching heat of the sauna. It is bad for them and  bad for others if you end up chatting it up on your phone or blasting music.
  • Rule #8– Shower before you sauna. This is very important for many reasons… You need to get rid of any bacterias lurking on your body, any perfumes or odors need to be removed as well as chlorine from swimming in the pool before coming into the sauna. Showering pre-sauna will prevent burning eyes from the odors evaporating around you.
  • Rule #9– Don`t splash too much water on the rocks. Don`t assume that everyone in the sauna wants it boiling hot when you decide to throw another ladle-full of water on the rocks. Your best bet is  ask others what they prefer and then settle on a mutually comfortable temperature in the sauna.
  • Rule #10– Don`t work out in the sauna. Can you believe some people try to actually do stretching and situps in the sauna! You should try to move as little as possible in the sauna so as not to splash your sweat on others. Have some courtesy!
  • Rule #11– Don`t shave in the sauna:  This is another big No-No in a public sauna. Do what you want in your own sauna but don`t gross others out publicly!  (Actually,shaving in the sauna is ideal in a home sauna since all your pores will be open and will make the job of shaving easier.)
  • Rule #12- Try not to breathe too loudly or moan and groan in the sauna. This is very annoying for others who have to put up with your audio feed.




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