Does Attic Insulation Really Save You Money?

Taking stock of your home can help you to discover ways you could be saving money. In these economic times anywhere you can save money it’s a good way to go. Stop and take a look around your home. What are some ways you can be cutting costs and saving money? Where are areas that need to be evaluated? Here are a few ideas to look at when you are trying to save money.

Seal Drafts Around Windows And Doors

When you are heating or cooling your home you may notice that it seems to be hard to keep it at a steady temperature. You may notice that it never seems to stay the same from room to room. This may be because of the drafts in your home. Take a look around windows and doors. If you notice a breeze or air moving across it you may need to seal that up better. Replace loose or cracking seals around your windows. Be sure that the door fits into the spot properly. Over time homes can settle and things need to be adjusted. By taking the time to check these out you can make sure that your home is well covered from drafts.

Attic Insulation

Have you looked in your attic lately? Many homes do not have proper insulation when it comes to their attics. When you are heating and cooling you want the home to be well insulated from leaks and weak spots. What about your attic? You know heat rises. When you are heating your home is your heat going right through the attic out into the air? If so you could be saving a lot of money on your heating and cooling bill by insuring you have proper insulation. Add insulation to your attic and you can find out how much it will save you. Many homes have very thin insulation and a lot of wasted air and heat goes right through there. Imagine what you could save on your power bills when you have the proper insulation there.

Maintenance On Your Home

By maintaining items like your heating and cooling unit you can keep your house comfortable and save yourself money. If you have not already added insulation to your attic then be sure to do so. Maintain your heating and cooling unit by having a routine inspection done on it. Most HVAC companies offer service contract plans that help you to keep your units running properly and avoiding huge repair costs. When you take them up on this offer you are making a commitment to take care of your home and cut your costs in the long run.

Remember to always update insulation when it is getting old, check your units regularly and always seal drafts around your home. These are just a few ways it can help you to save money on your electric bill every month. You might be surprised when you enter your attic and really take stock of what’s insulating your home. Add these tips to your home to do list and you’ll see the results quickly.

James is a HVAC consultant living at California, working for Ultimate Heating and Air Conditioning Company. He is also a professional blogger writing on home improvement topics.

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